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ATTENTION: Struggling Small Suppliers and Resellers

Get Your Projects Funded with Ease and Win Bigger Contracts with Confidence with this Easy-to-Use Platform...


...that has Helped Businesses in Some of the
World’s Most Challenging Markets Grow Exponentially

If you’re a small business owner who struggles with purchasing goods to deliver on large contracts, even with high quality customers...

...limiting your ability to grow and scale your business.

Then this is the best news you’ll ever hear.

Here’s why.

Since 2015, we’ve been helping businesses like yours working in some of the world’s most challenging markets to thrive through this easy-to-use platform.

With our help, our members have delivered on trade transactions worth over $60M in African markets, buying from global brands.

And now, we are bringing the same platform to help small businesses in the United States.

We understand your pain. Funding the purchase of goods to fulfill big contracts can be stressful and frustrating… limited access to capital and credit can keep you from going after business you know you could otherwise win.

But now, there’s a way for your growth to accelerate to match your vision and ability to execute.

 Introducing Kountable

Kountable is a platform that combines technology, resources, and talented people that connect with you, your teams, and your businesses, to help you grow and scale.

Our technology allows you to quickly and easily engage our global team of experts with backgrounds in:

  • ​Banking
  • ​Global trade
  • ​Risk Management
  • ​Finance
  • ​Procurement and Logistics
  • ​And more… help you win and fulfill more contracts with quality customers.

Quickly and securely upload contracts, tenders, RFPs, proforma invoices or even just raw estimated numbers and the names of your suppliers and buyers...

...and our team will help as needed with sourcing, project management, logistics, insurance and packaging your deal to present to our network of funders.

With Kountable membership, you have an active partner to effortlessly make the trade part of your business digitally native…

...and connected to a global network of trusted partners who want to work with you.

Accessible any time through membership to our EASY-TO-USE PLATFORM.

Membership Features Include:

  • ​Secure uploading of documents to build your trade and share sensitive documents
  • ​Analysis by our team of trade experts who will help you optimize your deal and package it for presentation to Kountable's Capital Solutions partners for funding.
  • ​AML/KYC vetting of all parties to your trade to reduce risk and ensure you’re working with trusted partners
  • ​An Opportunity Feed of curated tenders and bidding opportunities pre-qualified as fundable by Kountable Capital Solutions if you win
  • ​Special pricing and access to products and services offered only to Kountable members
  • ​Treasury services to pay suppliers and trade service providers on your behalf if your trade is funded through Kountable Capital Services
  • ​Web and Mobile app access to work on your projects stay updated and whenever and wherever you are
  • ​Chat functionality with the Kountable team for easy communication
  • ​Security and integrity of data—a secure, organized, verified record of all your trade transactions and projects that you can access at will and use to win more business
  • ​Task management function to make sure nothing get missed or overlooked
  • ​And more!

By becoming a member of Kountable today, you can ...

  • ​Bid more and win bigger contracts … and do multiple projects simultaneously
  • ​Increase your margins through efficiencies and better pricing
  • ​Save on costs of capital
  • ​Be recognized as a trusted partner by a wider network of suppliers, buyers and funders
  • ​Focus on your business strengths while Kountable takes care of the rest
  • ​Have the peace of mind you deserve

Are you ready to work with us?

Success Stories

"Working with Kountable has increased the confidence of my customers and encouraged us to go after opportunities we previously would not have considered."
Fabrice Shema
Managing Director
Africa Medical Supply
"Not only are we able to rely on Kountable as a flexible partner who provides us with strong financial support, it also allows us to further our competitive advantage and enhance our vision."
Venantie Mukarivuze
Managing Director
Biopharmacia Co Ltd
"The first project determines whether you’ll stay or not, because the impression you give at the initial project actually builds the relationship with that institution."
Fabrice Shema
Managing Director
Africa Medical Supply
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